Are you Ready to Reset?

Join hundreds of women who have RESET their body and lives with these four principles

  • Efficiency. Not calorie restriction. Turn your body into an energy burning machine for long term, sustainable weight loss.

  • Movement. Learn to love moving your body and enjoy the energy, vitality and easy weight loss that comes with it!

  • Mindset. Overcome self-sabotage and catapult yourself towards your goals.

  • Whole-Body Approach. To loose weight that stays off, you need to focus on every part of YOU. Weight loss is not just about eating less and moving more. Understand how your digestion, hormones and mood and how these relate to your weight.  

Included in your Program

Weekly Videos

Each week I'll guide you through your Reset journey with an informative video that explains everything you need to know.


Printable checklists, worksheets, trackers and guides to keep you


Meal Plans

Customisable meal plans and delicious easy-to-follow recipes for each step of the program.


Supercharge your results with a range of at-home workout plans & exercise support to get you in an effortless rhythm of movement.

Supportive Community

A Private Facebook Community of Resetters to support, encourage and inspire you along your journey!

Bonus Content

Instant access to heaps of bonus content such as a Meal Planning Masterclass, Guided Meditations and more!
















About the Creator: Sonja Gardiner

A crystal wielding health warrior and Registered Clinical Nutritionist, Sonja is  on a mission to help you find health, wholeness and happiness.  She cuts out the noise and through the empty promises of magic fix diets and lays it out on the table. Laymen’s terms. She helps you understand how your body works, uncover what may be out of balance, and helps you break free from the limiting beliefs and fears that keep you stuck in cycles of self-sabotage.

What others are saying...

Reset has changed the way we view food and eat as a family. I am week 11 now and me and my husband are stoked with the results we are having! (I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes and he’s lost 10kgs)

It has given us the tools to bring changes and discipline into our lives where we have struggled before. 
I love Sonja’s holistic approach to health and her vast knowledge of everything health.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills with us Sonja!


Before I found Reset I was near depression with how I felt about my body, Iwas chubby and found myself starting to buy size 14 clothes. I ate too much sugar and wondered why I was getting bigger and bigger!

I’m so happy I found Reset and have now learnt what I need to do to have an amazing mindset and body! I'm now back to my size 10/12 clothes and feel so much better within myself.

I give myself plenty of self love and many positive vibes! I am now under 70kgs! Thank you thank you thank you! 


All YOU need three months and a commitment to do the work!

I've packaged up everything you need to reprogram your body and mind for lifelong healthy weight! Step by step we'll take on every aspect of long term sustainable weight management; I'll give you ALL the tools you need to make long-lasting changes.


Lifetime access!

Week 1 - Mindset


Week 2 - Detox


Week 3 - Cravings Workshop


Week 4 - Time to Reset!


Week 5 - Movement

Week 6 - What to track + my secret weapon!


Week 7 - Ultimate Digestion


Week 8 - Understanding satiety


Week 9 - Adrenals + the HPA

Week 10 - Thyroid + HPT


Week 11 - Hormone Harmony


Week 12 - Gorgeous Skin


Week 13 - Mood disorders


Week 14 - The Longterm Plan

Sonja is an absolute LEGEND!
Her RESET programme is so perfectly set out and easy to follow and her support is incredible!
I’m 7 weeks in and already lost 9.5kg by following her food changes for me. I am so so happy with how my body is coming along and the awesome changes to go with it! 


I have worked with Sonja on her Reset-online course and find it fun, challenging and successful!

I got to eat so much and feel great for it. Gone are the foggy heads and 3pm crashes. I have the energy to run after my 5 boys while still fitting my wedding dress from 14 years ago. Thanks Sonja


Sonja has literally changed my life. It's not just about the weight loss but I feel amazing! I have endless energy, I'm motivated, my hormones are balanced, I have no PMS, the bloating has gone and my body loves me. Her knowledge and mindset techniques have been so valuable and made this whole process almost easy, after I've struggled for years


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